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All over the world, people are travelling for business or pleasure. At the same time local and international charities are seeking support to finance their projects, and build a better future for the people and communities they are working for. MyTravelsMap provides an easy way to bring those two worlds together.

A sister site to, MyTravelsMap was set up by Matthijs van Heijnsbergen in 2013 with the express purpose of allowing everyone who loves to travel an opportunity to help fund their favourite charities while making their bookings.

A Dutch national living in China, Matthijs’ experience working in international trade gave him an insight into the way money moves around the world. He recognized a new way for charity organizations to promote themselves and increase their fundraising potential.

While MyCharityMap provides charity organizations of all sizes with a means to promote their projects globally, MyTravelsMap provides them with another valuable source for fundraising. It allows these charities the ability to secure extra funds every time a responsible traveler, that supports their cause, makes a booking.

Fundraising Made Easy

MyTravelsMap makes fundraising easy. When you register for a free account on MyTravelsMap, you can nominate your favorite charity. Every time you book your travel through our partners, 50% of the booking commission earned is automatically given to that charity. You don’t pay a penny extra, but the project or charity that you support gets the funding they deserve.

What is more, you can invite your friends and family to get involved in fundraising too. All they have to do is visit your Profile Page and make bookings from there - they don’t even have to register with MyTravelsMap. This way, everyone can become a fundraiser for your favourite charities.

Every month, we will transfer funds to their designated charities either through a recognized donation platform or through the most convenient alternative transfer method available. Because of costs, we have set the minimum sum transferrable at $100 USD – so we may have to wait until the total amount raised reaches that figure. However, 100% of the funds raised will be received by the charity – we don’t take a cut.

Fundraising For Genuine Charities

MyTravelsMap is a sister site to MyCharityMap, which was founded with the specific purpose of helping non-profits provide greater transparency by showing potential donors where they are registered, what their causes are and (through Google Maps) where their projects are located.

Now you can make an informed decision about who you wish to support. You can select a charity project in your hometown if you like, even if you are living on the other side of the world. All of the charities featured in the drop box on MyTravelsMap are registered with MyCharityMap, so you can be sure they are the real deal. If you want more detailed information on any of the charities listed, simply visit MyCharityMap and read their profile.

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